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Organic. Ethical. Sustainable.

Not just words, but a way of looking at life. At people. At you.

We give you Laumara.

From the farm to the artisanal workshops to you, our garments are ethically sourced and fair trade. Each garment is crafted from organic fabric of the highest quality.

Caring for the earth is important—caring for your body is too. What you put next to your skin affects your health and wellbeing.

Your body deserves to be clothed in natural, organic fabrics, free from harmful additives, chemicals, and dyes.

A Collection of Laumara
100 % Organic & Natural
Laumara: Soil & Co.'s
only Canadian retailer

Ready to feel the impact your underwear could have on your well-being?

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"I love the  quality of my bralette, it is so soft! Not only is it comfortable and natural, but it reminds me that it is possible to work with foreign communities in an ethical way. It makes me quite proud to wear it!"

Anne M.

"I am wearing your underwear today and they are very very pleasant. Since I became a mother (two years ago) I felt like throwing away all my underwear for new ones in 100% organic cotton. But I couldn't find any brand that matched my expectations so bravo for yours!"


"Just a quick message to tell you that I am super satisfied with my panties, I noticed that the little discomforts and irritations are not present when I wear them."


"Omg omg omg! I am so excited about my underwear! I used to just have 3 pairs so I didn't wear them super often, and now I have several that I just bought so I wear them more often and just WOW!!! I see a huge difference! Just in the smells, after a long's amazing! Thank you thank you thank you for introducing me to the power of natural fabrics!"

Audrey S.

"I just received my panties and I'm really happy! A little anecdote, since my purchase last year I gave birth to a little boy and your underwear are the first new underwear I've worn on this changing body. And I must say that it makes me very happy to give him this gift! So perfect timing!"

Marie P.

"I could perceive the quality of the product by its durability because I wore them every week for a year and they weren’t worn at all! I love them so much!"


"I wanted to tell you how much I love it. I don't want to wear anything else. My yoni is so happy in the Laumara panties."

Valerie B.

"Laumara underwear has the ability to make me feel good in my body as well as in my heart. The texture, the design and the colors soothe me, comfort me and offer me softness. It is always with honor that I wear them, talk about them and represent them. Every woman deserves to feel good about her body and to wear quality underwear.

Beatrice L.

"I love everything! No more odor, moisture wicking away well, soft soft soft fabrics!"

Marie-Andrée D.