Amazonas Sandals New Generation
Amazonas Sandals New Generation
Amazonas Sandals New Generation
Amazonas Sandals New Generation
Amazonas Sandals New Generation
Amazonas Sandals New Generation

Amazonas Sandals New Generation

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Don't forget to measure your foot and check our size chart to make sure you have the right size!

Don't just rely on the size listed. It’s better to compare the length of your foot with the length of the sandals.

New improvements:
- Cotton bands adjustable on 3 levels
- Even softer cotton bands for better hold

// Amazonas Sandals

Our sandals are a collaboration with Evea, a Peruvian sustainable fashion company that has developed expertise with communities in the Peruvian Amazon to create soles made entirely from sustainably harvested natural rubber. Our sandals are made from natural, ethical, sustainable, and organic materials.

Material details


The soles of our sandals are made from Evea Rubber from the Peruvian jungle and are blended with apple wood fiber for a waterproof, flexible, lightweight and ultra-comfortable finish.


The tongues are made entirely of our organic Native cotton, which also comes from the Amazon, hence the name: Amazonas!

Native cotton is the oldest cotton on the planet and was cultivated by the Incas thousands of years ago. More recently, it has resurfaced thanks to organic farming pioneers in Peru.

The colors of our cotton are entirely from nature (from the cotton plant) and contain no dyes.

Are you ready to get your hands on sandals that are changing the world?
→ Sustainable agriculture
→ Conservation of the Amazon
→ Economic empowerment of communities in the Peruvian Amazon
→ Ethical
→ Organic
→ No chemicals
→ Zero waste

How to choose the correct length

Take the time to measure your foot properly and rely on our size chart.

The length indicated is the length of the sandal. Choose the size that is a few millimetres more than the length of your foot. 

To measure your foot, draw its outline on a sheet and measure the longest part. 

For example, if the foot measure 24.5, the correct size is 9. 

If you have any questions, feel free to email us at or write to us on Instagram @_laumara.

Exchanges & Refund

Please note that due to limited quantities, we cannot guarantee an exchange if the size does not fit. 

The product is however refundable if returned within 14 days of receipt and must be in the same condition as when received, otherwise the refund will not be made.

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Size Sandals' Length (cm)
6 23.1
7 23.6
8 24.4
9 24.9
10 25.5
11 26.4
12 27

- Sustainable agriculture
- Amazon preservation
- Empowering indigenious families
- Ethical
- Organic
- Zero Waste — rubber can be re-used over and over & cotton can be composted

- 100% Organic Native Cotton
- Natural Rubber + Apple Fibers

- Assembled by hand

- 100% Organic Peruvian Cotton & Natural Rubber
- Hand Wash
- Wash in cold water
- Lay flat to dry
- Use a mild detergent

- Canada — Free shipping on orders over $140
- Order processed and shipped within Quebec in 3 business days
- Return accepted within 30 days

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