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Sunte Kimono

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VENTE DE FERMETURE - vente finale, aucun échange ou remboursement

// 100 % Organic Peruvian Cottong
// Vegetable Dye
// Ethically made in Peru

Gabriela is the owner and creator behind the brand Soil & Company. We are proud to be the exclusive Soil's distributor in Canada.

Gabriela designed the Sunte Kimono inspired by her passion for Japanese culture, in particular Japanese dresses. She decided to revisit the art of Japanese weaving using the famous Peruvian cotton.

Woven on the loom, the Sunte Kimono is handmade by a small community of artisans in Huancayo, in the Andes.

Here are the main components of the organic cotton used in Sunte Kimono:

The cotton which gives the density to the piece is a raw cotton, handspun with a spinning wheel. It is thanks to this fiber that we see the "popcorn" dots appear on the front of the Kimono, a touch that gives character to the garment.

The so-called "looped" cotton is the fine and beautifully twisted yarn that keeps the weaving in one piece.

It is also in the weaving that we find cotton bands with a pattern composed of diamonds, which recalls the importance of the form in the time of the Incas, while evoking the eye of the Jaguar. It’s yet another detail which adds a very Peruvian side to the garment.

The color of the Kimono comes from a vegetable dye made from eucalyptus, made entirely by hand by a small group of craftsmen from the Andes.

It should be noted the entire garment is handcrafted, so there can be small imperfections that add magic to it.

One Size:
Length: 22'' or 55.8 cm
Chest: 29.5'' or 75 cm

- Hand-spun organic cotton
- Botanically dyed with eucalyptus

- 100% Organic Tangüis Cotton

- Handwoven

- 100% Organic Peruvian Cotton
- Hand washing in cold water
- Use pH-neutral detergent
- Lay flat taway from direct sunlight to dry

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