We chose organic cotton because it is a natural material that is easy to work with. However, we are open to the integration of linen, wool (produced in an ethical and eco-responsible way), or any other textile whose manufacture is respectful of the environment.

For us, our chief goal is to use raw materials that are 100% natural, without synthetic fibers or chemicals.

In our opinion, the use of textiles obtained from petroleum derivatives or any other substance using chemical processes (Lycra, Spandex, viscose etc.) is an environmental impasse. 

People often ask about bamboo. But in reality, the bamboo on the market should be called "bamboo viscose.” The term "viscose" refers to the chemical process to which the solid fiber of the tree is subjected in order to obtain a soft and elastic fabric.

Peru is becoming a true leader in sustainable, ethical, and organic fashion. Peru’s organic, high-quality cotton production is helping people see what cotton can be, when not left to the misuse of the chemical processes of mass production. Laumara is seeking to empower this return of cotton as an organic, fairtrade fabric. 

In addition to its good standards in terms of production, Peru stands out for the excellent treatment it accords to its farmers and to the employees of its factories and workshops. We only do business with GOTS certified companies.

Mainly because they are made from man-made fibers. In fact, more than 50% of the materials used for clothing are fibers from processes that contain plastics and other petroleum derivatives, caustic soda, and other toxic chemicals.

Even in the case of natural fibers, when cultivated in a conventional way (i.e. with a chemical bath, pesticides, etc.) the result is a highly harmful fabric that is placed next to our skin. Each time that we wear this fabric, those harmful toxins will be absorbed into our skin.