The Story Of Laurence

I invite you into a history that melds Uruguay, Quebec, and Peru together—a history of a small, curious girl with black eyes. She is ready to explore the world—to follow an exploration that never ends, that she continues to seek—even to this day. 

The small Laurence is a mixture of her dual-environment—half Latino, half Quebecois. Her home port—a small village in the Cantons-de-L’Est of Quebec. She is firmly established in the family values, passed on to her with passion and belief. A mixture of her mother language of South America, and her entrepreneurial and Quebecois life, she had a profoundly free childhood.

She takes this childhood liberty everywhere with her. The passion of well-being is at the center of her life, as is the intense desire to create. Everything in her loves creating things, her heart is filled with joy when she’s hard at work. She is fascinated by fabric: by the colors, the textures, the cuts. She constantly draws pictures of dresses, covering even scrap pieces of paper with them.

But then comes a sudden event that disrupts the course of Laurence’s adolescence. Deep childhood beliefs are questioned. She feels suffocated in her life, limited in her passions. She decides that she no longer wants to go to college—insteady, she wants to, yet again, discover. Discover her way of truth.

And it is at this point in her life that she starts a journey—a journey of many years, many discoveries. She travels, travels some more. She encounters humanity, in all of its facets.

She apprentices in cabinetry, in jewelry making. She discovers herself, finds out more than she ever thought she could know. And because of these years of discovery, she decides to press on. Life prompts her towards Peru.

And it’s there, in 2018, that a marvelous story begins. With the discovery of organic Peruvian cotton, Laurence follows her intuition. The right people are placed in her way. Her whole being is enchanted, she no longer asks any questions. She knows her path: to create a brand founded on strong values, the belief that it is important to clothe women in incredible fabric, with respect for the human body and for the planet.