Organic. Sustainable. Ethical.

Our commitment is simple: to create ethically sourced clothing of the highest quality. 

Timeless fashion. Organic, sustainable, and ethically sourced fabrics. 

The value of our clothing cannot be quantified only by our high-quality materials, but also by the fact that we source only ethically created clothing: recognizing and supporting the human beings whose hands create the clothing that we wear. 

We work in communion with nature. On the canvas of our clothing, we see the expression of nature’s power and beauty.

One of our primary goals is to help you realize the impact your clothing has on your health. To transition to natural organic clothing can change the way that you feel in your body.

Wearing clothing shouldn’t cause bad odors or keep our skin from breathing—but often that’s exactly what they do. We want to transform your relationship with clothing. To make it become what it really is: your second skin. In choosing to wear high-quality clothing, you aren’t choosing to become associated just with an image.

Behind the label is a vision, values, a goal: to exceed expectations. Whether it’s the quality of the end result or the care taken along the journey, it all counts. And in this conversation, each woman has her say. 


In order to be GOTS and FairTrade certified, our supplier is required to conform to the strictest regulations. They source cotton that is cultivated in permaculture by groups of farmers who own their own small farms. Each farmer receives fair compensation for their work. Each farmer cares for the land that they own. 

This ethically-sourced cotton is then transported to small workshops in Lima, Peru, where well-paid workers create lovely products with care and attention. Through these workshops, we provide local Peruvians with stable income and meaningful work. 

We are proud to have created a production chain based in Peru, the native country of this beautiful organic cotton. The Peruvians who work for Laumara feel proud to share a little of their home country with the world. 


Our supplier is the first to have started the organic cotton movement in Peru. Through working with them, we have been privileged to come into contact with the farmers who grow it. Through this hands-on collaboration we maintain quality assurance that we work with only the highest-quality cotton—cotton that is cultivated ethically and with environmental responsibility. 

We are proud to work with a supplier who has maintained relationships with the farmers who work with them since the 1980s. They were the first supplier in America to receive the Fairtrade certification for textiles. They also have the longest uninterrupted record for organically certified in the history of cotton production. 


Our cotton is GOTS® certified, USDA® Organics certified, and Fairtrade® certified. 

The GOTS® certification is one of the most important and best recognized in the organics world. It is a certification earned not only by having organic materials (conforming to international standards), but also by ethical working conditions for the workers involved. Read more about the GOTS certification here.

The USDA® Organic certification is issued by another major international body, known for its strict regulations. It certifies that our cotton is of the highest quality and 100% organic. Thanks to this certification, we can be certain that our cotton stays organic, from the farm to you. To learn more about USDA Organic, click here.

The Fairtrade® certification is well-known today. It certifies that the product that you are purchasing conforms to a high social, economic and environmental standard. According to this standard, the producers of the raw cotton receive an equitable salary, equal or above the standard that Fairtrade® has established. To learn more, click here

The portrait of Laumara has been created one part at a time, during a long process of exploration by its founder in Peru.

From serendipitous meetings and surprising discoveries, the vision grew and expanded in a natural, organic way to include suppliers, farmers, and craftsmen and women in Peru. Laumara—A brand founded on the strong conviction that women deserve to be clothed in the most natural material in the world, and that the human body and the planet deserve our respect.